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Leading the DC Metropolitan Region for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Soft Touch Dentistry provides Superior Care in all Dental Backgrounds.

Our Soft Touch Team is excited to Welcome this you into our Family of Experts with over 20 years experience in the Dental Field. Comfort is the Key Ingredient in the Success of our Secret Formula; the Soft Touch Way. Remember, a Good Dentist NEVER Gets on your Nerves.

With our Array of Dental Services, it’s no surprise we are regularly expanding our Family. 

Please call our office at (703) 379-9292 for your Appointment.


We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need. Dr. Wali is a specialist with over 20 years of experience to handle any situation. Our staff is well trained and educated on your dental needs. From cleanings to extractions we can help make your experience at the dentist's office one you and your family can feel confident and comfortable going to.

Oral Hygiene Care

Dental Cleanings 
Vaneers & Bonding 
Non Surgical Gum Treatments 


Teeth Whitening 
Night & Athletic Mouth Guards 

Advanced Procedures

TMJ Treatment 
Crowns & Bridges
Root Canal Treatments
Wisdom Tooth Extractions 
Dental Implants 

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Honest Dentistry, Compassionate Care. Serving Northern Virginia for over 20 years with Integrity that is Crucial to the Relationships we Value. Unity, Quality, and Confidence within our Office helps us Create an Environment of Beautiful Smiles and Educated Patients. 

Dr. Sofiya Wali DDS, PC


Monday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Tuesday: 10.00 am - 5:00 pm 
Wednesday: 10.00 am - 5:00pm
Thursday: Closed 
Friday: 10.00 am - 5:00 pm 
Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm  
Sunday: Closed

3604 Forest Drive 
Alexandria VA, 22302
703 379 9292


Don't Just Take My Word For It, Take a Look At This...
I get anxiety attacks when I hear the tools in the dentist office. So, I would rather do anything else to avoid going to the dentist out of fear till I find Dr. Sofia Wali 14 years ago. She is amazing at making you feel comfortable and at-easy.  I recommended many of my friends and family members and will continue to recommend her to to any one asking for dentist.
— Khadija Nur
Truly an exceptional staff
Truly an exceptional staff and very competent dentist. Private practice ran by the best dentist with kind heart and excellent skills. High tech office adds to the fantastic experience rendered during my multiple visit. Highly recommended!!!
— Reza Kazemipable
Hands down the best dentist
I have been seeing Dr. Wali for over 7 years. She is an amazing dentist and I have referred countless people to her. The work she does is amazing and she makes her clients feel comfortable. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. Hands down the best dentist I have ever been to.
Jon King 
I could'nt have been happier!
I came on here to look for a review on wisdom teeth and didn't find one. I went ahead with my wisdom tooth removal anyhow and I couldnt have been happier! I know everyone is different but I had two taken out in each of my appointments, and it only took about 5 minutes for her to remove them! 
— Caitilin  Bottoms
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